• All Soccer Fields will be closed for Maintenance from July 14 to August 11, 2014. Please stay off the fields so that the grass can recover and be ready for the Fall soccer season.

      Notice of Deadline to File Application for Place on Ballot
      in November Election for M.U.D. Board Positions

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      Welcome to North Austin Municipal Utility District  #1

      North Austin MUD #1 is located Northwest of Austin and provides utility service to the Milwood/Rattan Creek area that includes The Bluffs and Rattan Creek subdivisions. The district is located in an area generally west of Parmer lane, bounded by McNeil Road on the south and RR 620 on the north. The district straddles the Williamson - Travis County line with the majority of the district located in Williamson County.
      The district is professionally managed by Crossroads Utility Services Company whose primary responsibilities include managing the water and wastewater services, trash collection, and maintenance of all public areas within district including two beautiful and extensive parks with a pool, tennis courts, playgrounds, hike and bike trails and athletic fields.
      The North Austin M.U.D. No. 1  website is provided as a public service. While efforts are made to keep this information accurate and current the information contained in these pages Is offered for reference only and the District makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or currency as to this website or the links from this website. The responsibility for content of the links from this website rests with the organizations who are providing the information. Any specific issues, questions or comments should be directed to the General Manager, Gary Spoonts of Crossroads Utility Services Company. Mr. Spoonts can be reached at:

      North Austin M.U.D. #1
      c/o Crossroads Utility Services Company
      2601 Forest Creek Drive
      Round Rock, TX 78665-1232
      Phone: 512-246-1400 Fax: 512-246-1900

      Email Mr Spoonts by clicking on this link.

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    • News
      • August 13, 2014
        Yes, it's time once again for the annual pet clinic in Rattan Creek Park! The clinic will be happening on Wednesday, August 13th in the evening, beginning around 5:00 pm and ending around 7:00pm.
      • July 8, 2014
        Chief Kiracofe, of the Jollyville Fire Dept , is requesting all residents to trim their trees that front Travis and Williamson County streets (all streets in the district) to a height no lower than 14 feet . This is to insure that the new Jollyville fire truck is able to maneuver through North Austin M.U.D #1's streets in an emergency . Williamson County will be following up within the next months and will trim the trees near Williamson County streets If residents fail to do so . If the residents are particular about how the trees will be trimmed, they may want to do the work themselves. If the County does the work there will not be the opportunity for residents to have direct input as to how they want their trees trimmed.
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    • Calendar
      • Aug 18, 2014
        6:00 PM
        Board of Directors meeting that examines all invoices and expenditures for the District in the current month, after discussion, the Board will approve the payments of the expenditures.
      • Aug 20, 2014
        6:00 PM
        Board of Directors regular meeting that handles all business brought before the Directors. Residents are encouraged to attend all Board meetings and make their views known to the Directors.
      • Aug 26, 2014
        Pool hours will be changing for the remainder of August; for more information see above.
      • Sep 15, 2014
        9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
        September 15th marks the official end of Rattan Creek Pool's summer season; in order to continue swimming members must sign up for a winter membership (good from September 16th, 2014 until May 30th, 2015). Call (512) 257-1265 with any questions or for clarifications.